Power Flush


By calling us up the power flush may reveal other problems you may have.


Power Flushing


What makes us different from the rest?


Well we currently have a special offer on during




For this limited 3 month period we will give you a discount on your full central heating system.

Subject to a survey on the day we can give you an over the phone costing.

We will ask you to give us these details

1. How many boiler?

2. How may radiators?

3. Size of the pipework?

4. Any issues you currently have?

Generally we can do up to 10 radiators for only Click to enquire


£360.00 inc Vat


And we can do between 10-20 radiators for only Click to enquire


£500.00 inc Vat

Anything over and above this we would require a site survey before giving you the estimate.


And remember we use a Fernox Power Flushing machine which can pump up to 85 litres a minute. This machine can be used on the maximum temperatures (most other pumps aren't capable of doing this). We also use Magnacleanse a dual magnetic technique. We also use high grade chemicals such as Fernox or Sentinol. We will provide you with an invoice / receipt  detailing the work carried out.


Independent Water Survey

Also included in these costings we can do an independent water survey whereby we send samples of your systems water to and independent company such as Fernox, Sentinol or ADI. They then provide a report (we also do a report ourselves on site) which will provide you proof from an independent third party that the job has been done properly. You also will be issued a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE and if you have any problems during those 2 years we will come out again and flush the system.

This means if you have other cover with the likes of Homeserve or British Gas you can show them this report and this will prove you aren't having problems with the likes of sludge etc. Click to enquire

3 Main Benefits

1. Reduce your gas bills!


2. Reduce repair bills!


3. Extend the life span of your heating system!


Remember heating systems have changed and the water in them needs to be changed. New boilers are not designed to have dirty water in them. You really need to be mindful of this. When burners correctly there is no soot. They do not burn like they used to.


Symptoms you may have is cold spots in radiators, leaky valves on your radiator, break downs as a result of the sludge, broken down pumps, radiators taking a long time to warm up.


Power Flush


By calling us up the power flush may reveal other problems you may have.


You may not realise it but it is recommended that your system is flushed initially when it is put in, they may have drained the system but it may not have been cleaned properly. And then after that it should really be flushed every 3 years.


We will shortly post a video of a recent power flush for one of our clients. (To follow soon).

We will show a before and after.


Our power flushing is a big part of our service and repair contracts you can take out with us. Click to enquire about our Service Contracts




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07968 911361

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